A quick intro. Welcome to MobiHuman w/ Corey Kelley, an open source “application” of and for life. We’re learning, sharing and having fun.

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Thoughts, synthesized


MobiHuman as an “Application”

I’ve always been interested in starting a human-centered platform of some sort. 10 years or so ago, I wanted to create a site that interviewed people who had life experience (i.e. people who had been battle-tested – grandparents, retirees, etc… you know, older people). I thought it would be fascinating and rewarding at the same […]

Latest Thoughts

The Codifying Methodology

Bits of Humanity Components of life, deconstructed for application Check this out – you don’t need to be a programmer to understand what it means to codify (which simply means to “break down” or “systematize”). Current day, when we hear the word “coder”, we think about software. But I submit, we are all “coders”, or […]

Lulogy – Story Crafting for Life

Living and to be lived stories The short of it – Lulogy is a word we made up. It’s a play on the word eulogy – you know, the thing they read at your funeral that talks about all the great things you accomplished in your life? Probably would have been great to hear this […]